Benefits of Membership

If you are interested in making a commitment to Zen training we recommend becoming a member of Green Mountain Zen. Members receive regular e-news about upcoming activities; reduced sesshin fees; opportunities for regular dokusan with Shinko Roshi (face-to-face) or via Skype; and an opportunity to share in creating a vibrant Zen practice community in New Zealand.

As a member, you may also request to take the Buddhist precepts (Jukai), become a formal student of Shinko Roshi and develop a personal study path within a matrix of Zen training.

For a membership application form and more information, please talk to Shinko Roshi.

Membership Fees

Membership fees support the expenses of regular activities (venue rental, transport etc)  as well as printing and promotional costs, meditation supplies, etc. The teacher or senior students do not receive any remuneration for their services.

A contribution of $40/month is suggested, which covers attendance at the Thursday evening sessions. If this amount is difficult for you, please ask us about a reduced rate.


Dana is a Buddhist term which roughly translates to giving or donation. Many Zen traditions, rather than charging for the teachers’ time, request dana that goes directly to the teacher to recognise the contribution in time and effort they give to the sangha. In this spirit, we encourage members and retreat participants to consider an offering of dana directly to the teacher.

There are no strict guidelines and the advice is to consider the value of the teaching in your own experience and consider what you might pay for similar professional services. Some practitioners may make an offering after a retreat or workshop, or a regular gift during the year.